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sorry, i don't know where to post questions about camcorder in this forum, or if I'm allowed to post at all. Anyway, I wanna know what USB Streaming is. If i understand correctly, it is a way to transfer motion picture from Mini DV to your computer, am i right? So if I need to make something into a VCD or DVD then I would need a camcorder that has USB Streaming, am i right? Please advise...
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I think you may be a bit confused, and I will try not to confuse you any more ( nor myself ! ). Streaming is a way to download video or audio files from a web server bit by bit. It is of particular benefit to dial up Internet connections, allowing sections of thevideo/audio to be downloaded and viewed before the complete file is received. Some videos can be huge,and it can be a long wait for the whole file to download. This way you can start to watch the video sooner.

No, you don't need a camcorder with " USB streaming", whatever that is. Almost any type of camcorder can upload video to your computer, you just need a way to capture it. This is probably where the confusion lies. You can transfer ( capture ) your video from your camcorder to your computer with USB capture devices, Fire-wire capture cards, pci capture cards. Then you need software to enable you to convert the video to a suitable format for burning to CD or DVD. I believe Windows Movie Maker 2 can do this, which of course is free. Any camcorder will suffice.

Hope this helps,

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