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Default What is the the best camera period?

I'm currently using a Nikon Coolpix 950 and 990 and the pics are great from both.I have a epson 1280 printer and love making my own prints.I feel the time has come to upgrade my cameras in order to get better prints.My question is this.....what digital camera creates the absolute best pics for under $2,500 I will use it mostly for people and nature shots with some automotive use as well. Any ideas?
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The best cameras are:

1. Mine
2. The one my wife want let me buy.
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If you are ready to "fuss" more with the camera and use exposure compensation and other manual controls based on photographic judgment, you might look into a Digital SLR.

Of course I am biased, but the Canon EOS D60 produces exquisite images at 6.3 megapixels, with extremely low noise through ISO 400. I am well aware of the noise in the CP990 and CP950, as I also use them.

The D60 kit, with battery and charger, etc., is $2200. But you would still need one or more lenses. I started with the 28-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS lens, which you can get for $410. If you have not experienced IS (Image Stabilization,) you're in for a pleasant surprise. You can handhold the camera and get sharp pix at 2 - 3 stops slower than you can without IS.

While this lens is somewhat less sharp than Canon's pro lenses (very expensive,) I use it and get results that are stunning. Many pros use this lens as a walk-around lens. Some people criticize the lens, but it is really a fine lens.

An alternative would be to get one of the sharpest and least expensiive lenses made: the EF50mm 1.8 prime lens. It has no zoom, of course, but would let you get used to the camera until you figure out what to get for other lens(es.)

Read Steve's review of the D60, and look at his sample pix.

Again, though, this camera requires more controls on your part than the Coolpixes. It does not do as well as a point-and-shoot camera.
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As Walter pointed out, the D60 Canon is a superb camera which produces dynamite images.

Other contenders in this price range are the Nikon D100, Fuji S2 and the new Sigma S9.

The Sigma is not widely available yet, and there appear to be several "bugs" which need to be addressed - but it "may" become a serious contender, especially for photography where lighting is good and the subjects are not moving quickly.

Right now, the few users who have the camera are reporting really bad problems with dirt on the sensor. My own opinion is that the camera is not yet ready for prime time until this problem is resolved. Excessive noise in the red channel is also an issue which needs to be addressed - but one thing is certain - the camera takes the "sharpest" images of any current digital camera. If Sigma and Foveon can work out the existing problems - at about $1800 U.S., this will be a contender for those who can live with the limitations of ISO capability and so on.

As for available cameras, if you have not yet chosen a lens platform, my opinion is that the Canon D60 or Fuji S2 represent the top-of-line in image quality at 6 megapixels and in the price range specified.

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Look at the dimage 7i or 7Hi too. 700.00 to 1000.00 lots of room for accessories then. Remember on the DSLR you just get the camera body lenses are more.
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