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Hello everybody,I have just started to get into digital photography and would like to start an online photo album and a website. I am aware that there are current options such as fotiki.com and pbase.com however from what I can tell they don't let you own your own web address (like www.mypictures.com or something like that). I'd like to be able to have my own website (blog type of deal) with a photo album so I can share some pictures with people and I'd like to have the ability to have people comment and critique my pictures.

Is anyone aware of any web host or any company that allows me to have a website and has photo album programs to make sharing pictures and adding comments easy? I'm not a web programmer or anything like that so the easier the better but I will take the time to learn things if it will be better.

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I've been experimenting with the free Google offerings.

If you sign up for a Blogger account (free) then also sign up for Hello account (free) and download Picasa2 (also free) then you can publish photos to your Blog - which is a kind of website.

Actually it seems like quite a good system for non-programmers. Give it a try - it doesn't cost anything so what have you got to lose.
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peripatetic's suggestion of starting with one of the free sites is good - you will get some experience while you are looking and learning. Check with your ISP: you might already have a small amount of space for a web site, and I'll bet that they are willing to help you set up a site of your own - for some amount of money.

One thing to watch out for is "who owns the name?" One con game that is played is to set up a site for you (www.myphotos.com), and when traffic builds up the price. Since they own the name, you cannot move it elsewhere.

Not a con, but watch out for bandwidth limit and what happens if you go over it. If The Drudge Report links to your site, it could put the traffic over your limit. You don't want to face a big bill if that happens - I think it is better if the site is automagically shut down for the rest of the month.
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