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Again, if you are using a point and shoot camera then yes, it will definitly have an affect on the CCD sensor, because in a point and shoot, the sensor is always exposed to the intense light of the sun (which allows you to use the LCD to compose the image)

On the other hand a Digital SLR, will NOT be harmed (unless you take a LONG exposure for god knows whatever reason)

Please see my previous post for the reason behind this

-Travis Swentosky-
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Who cares about the camera. You should be worring about your eyes.
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It is difficult to determine from the photo you have posted whether there have been any changes, because the area where the sun was in the first shot, is in shadow in the second. A more reliable way to determine if anything is wrong, would be to take a picture of a solid, light gray object that fills the frame. If the photo of the sun was just a quick snap, as it appears to be, there will probably be no harm.

More recent digicams have stronger IR filters to block the damaging rays and aren't AS susceptible to damage as earlier models.

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I have a habit of taking sunset pictures with mydigital camera, but after my last experience,I'm not so sure I should be doing so.My lcd screen started actingstrange, and I took the picture.Many of my pictures after the sunset pic, were blotchy with red dots throughout the pics. Now the camera seems to be ok. Did Ihurt mycamera?
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