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I just purchased a Canon Digital Rebel and am trying it out for the first time. I took a few pictures and they looked fine when viewed on the LDC of the camera -- decent exposure, etc. When i then downloaded the photos onto the computer, using the the ZoomBrowser software from Canon, all of the images were quite dark -- much, much darker than when viewed on the camera itself. It looked like it was pretty easy to fix -- by playing with the contrast/brightness controls-- but I don't really feel like doing that with every picture I take (perhaps I shoudl be getting used to that).

Am I doing something wrong?
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That's very common with many cameras (images appearing brighter on the camera's LCD display compared to a monitor).

Another possibility is that your Monitor is not properly calibrated (making them appear much darker than they really are) Here issite that explains monitor calibration techniques:


If they are in fact underexposed (versus your monitor being the problem), you may want to try and determine why. For example, it's not uncommon for the Digital Rebel to underexpose flash photos consistently. Of course, it could also be user error (for example, trying to take photos outside of the rated flash range, or using metering modes inconsistent with the subject and conditions).

Here is a utility that can be used for setting Flash Exposure Compensation (without the need to install the "hacked" firmware so that you get the FEC feature Canon left out of this camera model):


If you have specific questions about this camera, you may want to ask them in our Canon EOS Digital SLR Forum, where you'll find Canon users that can help you better understand using this particular camera.

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I would use the histogram. I believe that it is covered in the manual. Just look up image display.

If the histogram goes from right to left and isn't all bunched on the left you should be fine.
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how about your monitor? have you calibrated it for looking at the images? if its good on the camera and dark on the monitor is it dark or off color when you print it?

95% of the time this is the issue. there are simple programs (free) that will help setup your monitor to within a reasonable percentage of what it should be. after that you go to the special tools like a gretag macbeth i1 colorimeter for high accuracy repeatable calibration. this devices generally work with both crt and lcd screens and the results will vary with each manufacturers product. these devices will set the colors, luminance, and gamma so things will look the way they should.

a CRT should be on for a minimum of 1.5 hrs before looking at a image or calibrating so the levels are equalized and the phosphers are cooked up just right.

LCD at least 0.5 hrs for levels too but mostly for the backlight.

Caveat---all monitors are not created equal.

CRT- depending on quality and age the calibration for color may not be able to be done to anylevel of accuracy or accaptability

LCD- the factors for LCD calibration is even more problematic. older ones just plain were poor (other terms are much more appropriate but unusable here) to begin with and they were/are very limited in their ability to be calibrated. it is only of recent time that LCD monitors are showing up that are reasonable in their capabilities for accurate color, luminance, and gamma accuracy
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