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Just got a Maxxum 7D. It has no presets for SPORTS, NIGHT, LANDSCAPES, etc. Camera does have three pre-sets that I can program myself. I am a bit of a novice, can anyone advise what settings I should use for, say, photos in the Rockies, wildlife, sports, night shots, etc. I intend to learn settings for myself, but could use help on getting these pre-sets set up for the time being. Thanks.
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For a given amout of light you always have a trade off between F stop and shutter speed. The larger the aperture (smallest f number) the faster the shutter speed can be. For sports you will generally want a fast shutter speed to stop the action and that is your primary concern. For wildlife it is likely to be the same. For night shots you may want to use a large aperture to try to get a reasonably fast shutter speed or you may want to use a small aperture and a long shutter speed to capture light trails. Also for night portraits you may want to use flash to capture your subject but a longer shutter speed to capture some of the background, you need to use a tripod to get the best from this. For landscape you want a good depth of fieldso a small aperture(big f number) and a long shutter speed is ok because you subject isn't going anywhere.

So depending on the sport and your lenses you want shutter speeds of 1/250 up to 1/1000. For landscape you want apertures of F8 F11 or F16. Wildlife depends on how active it is and if you want depth of field to bring more of the subject in focus. To have a soft out of focus background F2 or F2.8 to have a sharp background F8 or F11. These are all just guidelines you have to try things out and see what suits you. The great thing about digital is that trying several different settings costs nothing but a little time.

One final point as a rule of thumb you can hand hold a camera without camera shake at a shutter speed that is the reciprocal of the focal length. So a 50 mm lens can be hand held at 1/60 a 200mm lens at 1/250 etc.

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