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Thank You to all ! Your suggestions WILL be acted upon.

Thank You Again...

Warmly, Griz
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The Wacom Intuos3 series are very good, they come in 4*5 to 9*12 inch in size.

They also have the very inexpensive entry level Graphire3 4*5 inch tablet this one is available at BestBuy for under 100$us

Once you've used one you won't ever want to use a mouse for graphics editing again :blah:

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Thank you very much for your time.

The only other thing I need at this time is some help in finding a site, person, book, etc. to educate myself in these tools.

I will be generating [mostly] original art pieces but will also be editng photos, as well as re-touching others ('sampling' ?)to enhance mine, etc.

That isto say: (Comparison)

How many makers? GOOD ones?

Which is best? Why?

Best features of whichever?

What, of which TRULY 'stinks' or never works correctly, etc.?

Where do the good/useful/workable/beneficial 'bells and whistles' start and stop and where does the hyperbolic B.S. start?

Finally, I need to learn 'HOW-TO' ! For financial reasons a formal set of classes is [not even] an option ! So, as usual, I must educate myself in one more thing. No problem - but one: I know NO ONE remotely interested, let alone knowledgable to ask for advice or enlightenment. - Even on a 'quid-pro-quo' basis. (I'm an architect, albeit an 'burned-out' architect looking to 'run-like-hell-from-it' !)

This leaves books: A [truly] GREAT company in Omtario, 'maranGraphics', publishes some of the FINEST books for self-learning (computers/related)I've ever even HEARD OF. But nary a word on G. Tablets. Though they DO have books on 'Photoshop', ans 'Photoshop Elements 3' and so forth, no mention of tablets - by ANY pseudonym I've noticed anyway.

These books DO live up to the claim of cutting through the wordy, 'mental masturbation' of the writer and give simple, step-by-step instruction in how to DO what you want to do !

Adobe's own stuff; Well; I've NEVER read more, (HAD TO) re-read, learned LESS for it, and experienced more 'sneaky' and overt advertizing &/or self-congratulatory, substaceless 'stuff' ANYWHERE !

So I come to you, the (compared to yours truly) experts for help. The info. given before was (much) more than I knew prior, but 'no cigar' I'm afraid...

Here's hoping SOMEONE can direct me further... (?)

Thank you all once again for your time...

Warmly, Griz
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