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Default your thoughts from those who have several cameras (long post

I've narrowed my choices down to two cameras. I have a DiMAGE 5, 3 mp, which I like the manual controls and flexibility and I love the 7 optical zoom. However I only use the manual settings occasionally and always have to carry around the large camera.
I'm now looking at selling the Dimage and getting a Cannon S45, 4mp, or the Kyocera Finecam S5, 5 mp.
I figure I can regain some zoom with cropping hence going up in resolution. I know the S45 takes great shots, has great reviews, owners love it, and has full manual controls over everything, A/S/WB/Focus/ISO, and has slow light focusing assist lamp, etc. but is only 4 m.
The S5 has only has aperture priority, but it does also have WB/Focus/ISO. It doesnít have low light assist or shutter priority. The battery is reported to only have 150 capabilities being conservative. It doesnít have any type of noise reduction that Iím aware of either. I cannot find a review anywhere to confirm this though. I havenít heard lots of good things about the Oly C-50 and that is why I am not considering it. Iíve read it has poor performance in low light, cannot focus, and has lots of noise, no reduction programming. Many have returned the C-50 for the S45 even though its only 4 mp. You may ask why am I dwelling on the number of mp a camera has? Itís the only way I see to regain some zoom of my Dimage 5s 7x optical, by cropping. Cropping kills the quality and therefore I need more to start with before cropping. The C-50 doesnít have sound with the movie mode. No its not a priority, but is very nice when you have sound for those occasional movie clips.
So, Iím faced with purchasing a 5mp camera that I know noting about or getting a great 4mp one. Iím buying one within the next week and am truly drawn between them. What are your thoughts? How important is shutter priority? Will aperture priority suffice? Would you buy a camera you have not read a review on? I cropping over rated and should just go with a 4 mp S45? Your thoughts on anything to sway me one way or another would be appreciated. I'm not keeping the Dimage and have no plans to own 2 cameras.:-(
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You may want to check out the Oly C-5050 instead of the C-50. Think you will find that the C-5050 does all you want.
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Default Aw yes the 5050

I've checked it out several times, very nice...Alas; it is way too large to fit in the pocket. Even the S45 is still a bit large, but I tend to wear loose fitting carpenter levies and the such so the S45 will easily fit in the jean pocket and the S5 in the shirt pocket.
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