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I'll try to be brief as I tend to get long winded:

I have a Canon PowerShot A75. Never had any problems with it. Just returned from vacation and while I normally would transfer the pics to my pc immediately I procrastinated a few days. My wife took the Sandisk CompactFlash (256) card to a local retail store to print the pictures at one of those kiosks (which neither of us have ever used). SHe states she took the card out, inserted it into the machine and the kiosk gave a message that read "images found: 0" and then took her to a screen that read :"please insert disk"

So she brought the disk home and I attempted to download the images from the camera to the pc but when I turned the camera on the screen read "no Image". This was odd as there were 40-50 pictures on it just two days before! So, I began investigating on the web to see if this was common and fixable. I came across numerous recovery programs and followed the steps to recover the images but there has been one overriding problem: My pc cannot detect my card in the card reader. I get the message to "Insert card" into the reader but it's already there. The recovery sites I've used cannot locate the drive UNLESS I put a different sandisk CF card in the reader (which letrs me know that it's not the reader or my pc or my camera, but the disk)

so, all that said, do I have a prayer of recovering these pics? They are primarily my 2 and 3 year old on their first visit to the ocean and pretty much our entire vacation and my wife is completely distraught.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


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There are several image recovery software packages available but I don't know the names of any of them. I believe there are some free, downloadable programs available. You might try a Google search for "image recovery"

Contact a professional camera store and see if they can recover the images for you. Don't go to any place like Ritz, Kits, Wolfe, Camera World (all same company) or any discount stores like Wal-Mart.

In the meantime, don't put the card back into the camera and don't do anything to it until you find a solution.

Cal Rasmussen

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Try this thread from the "Memory Cards, Microdrives, Card Readers" section, there should be many free and paid recovery softwares you can try:

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But if your card is not recognised, I dont think the software will be able to help you. Its not as if the computer thinks the card is blank, it doesnt even know there is a card. It cant get the images of something that it doesn't know is there. Maybe there are packages that can help with this, but I think the physical card has failed. A professional camera store is your best bet. They might have other means of data recovery.
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Thank you for the suggestions.

Ultimately, since the my camera's screen reads "No Memory Card", I agree that the card is probably cooked. I'll try a camera shop though.

Thanks again.
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