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I am having the hardest time with indoor pictures. Especially with my daughter's basketball camp and basketball games. The gym is super bright where it seems as bright in there as if you were outside. I have tride taking pictures in the auto mode as well as the sports mode. I have also tried taking the pictures with a flash and without the flash.

When I try to take the pictures without the flash the color seems to come out ok, but than becuase they are in motion the pictures are blurry, just like they are in motion. This even happens when using the sports mode on the camera.

When I try taking the picture with the flash tha the pictures come out to dark. They seem to not have the blur, but like I said than they are to dark and some are even grainy.

I have to use the 10x zoom because I can not get to close to them since they are pretty far way on the court.

I really want to capture these moments while my daughter's are stil young, but out of over a couple of dozen pictures only a few were even acceptable.

Does anyone know what I can do to get better, clearer pictures?
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I will defer to someone who knows more than me, but it sounds like the issue is the Olympus' lack of image stabilization. When you're indoors without the fash, you are using a relatively slow shutter speed. Couple that with and no image stabilization and full tele (which magnifies any motion your hands make), and your shots will be blurry. The reason the shots aren't blurry when the flash is on is because the camera thinks the arena is brighter, and can use a faster shutter speed which freezes the action and any movement faster. The problem is that, especially at full zoom, your subject is most likely outside of the range of the flash. The light meter sees the flash in the surrounding picture and underexposes the subject.

As for the solution, this is where my knowledge REALLY breaks down. I have no experience with the Olympus, so I can't offer any really good advice. I think the best option, short of getting a camera with a built-in image stabilizer, would be to use a tripod. I don't know if you can set one up next to the bleachers, but that would probably give you the best pictures. If that isn't possible, you may try increasing the Exposure compensation and ISO and shoot with faster shutter speeds. This is going to take some trial and error. As you decrease the shutter speed you'll get less blur, but increasing the ISO will cause more noise in the picture. You might be able to find a setting that works in the gym. Beyond that, I don't know what else to do (I'm a pretty new to all of this myself too). Regardless, best of luck!
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