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What's the best way to go about cleaning lenses? I bought a kit with some solution, lens tissue and a blower/brush thing. Any advice or method to follow?
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The best advice I was given was to clean ONLY WHEN NECESSARY. Only clean the lens when you notice an issue. In which case, first use the blower and brush to remove particles. This will really do the trick most of the time.

Then use the lens cloth (you should have gotten one in addition to the tissues) to gently wipe in a circular motion.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"If there is still any residue or spots, breathe on the lens - I'm serious - this will give a sligth condensation. Use a lens tissue in a gentle circular motion - DON'T RUB thoroughly to get off a tough spot. If this still doesn't work -then add a drop or two of lens solution to a clean tissue and wipe on. Use the gentle circular motion to apply and use a clean one to wipe off.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"The basic idea is you don't want to grind a particle and scratch the glass. In addition, many filters and some lenses have a coating on them. Excessive cleaning or rubbing will degrade the coating.
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Get a lens cleaning kit.

Usually it has a blower (a bulb with brushes where the air comes out).

Try to blow or brush the grit off your lens before using a lens cleaning cloth or tissue.

You don't want to grind grit into the lens as it could scratch the coating on your lens.

Usually a lens cleaning kit has a cleaning solution that can be used to remove small spots of goo.

I clean my lens about once every three months, using my camera every weekend.

As the other poster mentioned, better not to overdo it.

If you know any pro's, they can show you the right way to clean your lens.

-- Terry
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Protect all your lenses with a filter. Clean the filter. I fyou muck it up, not a big deal.

Cheap insurance.
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I agree with the filter advice. UV filters have saved more than a few lenses for me over the years. If it gets damaged - take it off and keep shooting.
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