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Default Buying 1st Digital Camera, Going Crazy Trying To Pick, HELP!

I am trying to move into the world of digital cameras (finally). I've tried to research this with much frustration. The more I read, the more frustrated I get. Depending on who you ask, you can be sent in many different directions. I did purchase one camera (Olympus C-720) and was very disappointed. Had lighting and focusing problems in auto mode and I returned if after about two weeks. I also learned that response time is slow on digital cameras, but some are faster than others. So, this is what I'm hoping to find (if it exists at all).

Price under $500.00
At least 3mp or higher
At least 3x Optical or higher (the more the better)
Quick response time, once button has been pressed
Great focus in auto, even in low lighting

Every time I find one I'm interested in, there's always one bad feature included in the reviews I've read. At this point, I'm starting to feel like I should just stick with my SLR. Any support and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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If you would consider a 2MP camera, I believe you would be very happy with a refurbished Olympus C-2100. It far exceeds all your other requirements, and with a 10x stabilized zoom, it will outperform a 3MP camera at longer focal lengths. It's very easy to use, and takes GREAT pictures.
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Out side of the low light situation you should look at the Fuji S602 (there is manual focus for these situations). Just a little more money than you want to spend but what a great 6X Optical Zoom camera. You will need to buy a flash card but that would be the case with any camera you purchase. As for your Olympus 720 that is a well-rated camera. You could just have a bad unit or a setting that needs to be changed. I have seen other post with similar problems and a later post saying they had something in the settings wrong and the camera was working fine.
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If you are interested in starting into digital, you should know one of the dirty little secrets: you have to do your own "darkroom" work with a photo editor. So I'd suggest getting some of your pictures scanned and spend a bit of time figuring out the software. When you have that figured out, you will know more about what you want in a digicam, you will be ready to use it, and it will be cheaper/better.

One major difference between film and digital is that you are restriced to the kind of "film" you get with the camera. Unlike chemical film, "digital film" (the detector) has a fair amount of variation in white balance and ISO, but whatever it has when you buy it is what it will always be. You can get larger quantities of it (memory), but you cannot change its charactoristics like switching from Agfa to Kodak to Fuji to ...
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