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Default Making good photos in the pub when going out

I was wondering how I can make good photos in a pub or disco at night.

I use a Sony MVC-CD200, but when I use the flash everyone looks really 'white' (like they had to much beer

Are there any filters or something I can use? My camera is set on auto (for flashlevel etc.)
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The automatic flash exposure isn't sophisticated enough. The camera is trying to average out the exposure so the large area of dark background that never gets illuminated by the flash is "balanced" by foreground subjects that are overexposed. If your camera has adjustable exposure levels you should experiment with intentionally underexposing by 1 stop or possibly more. I'm not aware of any filter that will help. The only possibility there is if the filter is so dark that the exposure just happens to be correct at full power but that's iffy at best. This is the kind of thing that old fashioned manual flash was good for. Use the guide number to set the aperture for the subject distance and you get correct exposure even in situations that would fool an automatic camera.
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Try changeing your recording mode from auto to 1 touch white balance. make sure you find the white or grey the book says to use to set with.by the term pub I am guessing thatyou are in UK? When I got back from 8 1/2 years in Germany to Florida and went to Beach with friend, after I took my shirt off he said "you are the whitest whiteman I have ever seen.
Cannot not help any more with cam as I have never used one, but know it has that feature.

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I think he was referring to exposure, not white balance. In any event that method won't work with flash in most cases. If you set white balance with tungsten or flourescent ambient light which biases toward amber or green respectively it won't be correct for the bluish light from a daylight balanced flash. If you set white balance to anything set it to daylight.

Something else to try if your camera has an option is to set metering for spot mode and keep the spot on the subject. This will keep the subject correctly exposed and ignore the dark background.

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I have a Sony Cybershot. I find that the flash is too much sometimes, too. I don't know if you have it on your camera, but I use mine on Program (P) mode and tunr down the EV -.3 to -.6 - it helps a lot. Your pictures may be a little darker, but you will have more color in faces.
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Padeye is probably right and you have to options one being spot and one being centre weighted metering. I thing you will be better off with spot but it will depend on what the subject is wearing so try them both out.

Unfortunately you don't have a load of options to work with but there are also a couple of power settings for the flash which you might want to play with if you are still getting over exposure from the flash.
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