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Default Best Overall Camera for Realtors and Appraisers?

Hi, New to the digital world and will be purchasing my first. Looking for a camera that is very simple to use and produces decent quality photos that I can insert into my appraisal reports and real estate listing presentations. Would imagine that I would need memory for keeping no more than 50 photos in the camera at any given time.

I would like at least a 3x zoom, and in my appraisal business I do drive-bys at times on very busy streets where it is impossible to come to a complete stop, therfore need a camera that is forgiving somewhat. Guess I will need everything, camera, software, memory cards, etc. Have a pc running windows 98 and a Canon s600 color printer.. Will I have to upgrade everything.. Thanks in advance.. Jim M, from Connecticut..
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A good camera to fit your needs would be the Olymus C4000. You can purchase on line for under $400. Check prices and vendor ratings at www.dealtime.com.

C4000 is 4mp, 3X optical zoom. Read Steve's review.

Driving and taking photos can provide some interesting results. Generally you try to take pictures of moving objects. The C4000 can auto focus by depressing the shutter button halfway and then press the button fully when the green light shows steady in the viewfinder. You should be able to manage the technique with practice.

Purchase an extra 128mb smart media card for under $40 at www.newegg.com.

If your printer will print 2400X1200 in high quality mode, then you would need to buy photo paper to print on.

good luck
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Jim, I would suggest a point and shoot, 2-3mp somple camera, 64 - 128mb card and a 28mm wide angle end for the zoom to get photos of entire facades from up close, and interiors. There is quite a number of lower priced ones at that. Skim through any camera store's list of digicams and focus on the above info. It should narrow it down quite a bit for you.
Hope it helps.
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You didn't say what you are going to do with the pictures - web? large posters? 8x10"?

Assuming you are only using it for documentation where you do not need much detail and it doesn't matter if things are a bit fuzzy (better be the requirement if you are going to be shooting though a car window while moving), just about any 2-3 Mpixel camera is likely to do the job. You should look at the detailed reviews for notes on shutter lag, That is generally best (shortest time) on the cheapest cameras since they are fixed focus so have no lag for that -they also have no zoom.

A 28mm (equiv) focal length would be nice, but very few digicams have that. Seems the manufacturers listen to the chatter about "more zoom" and figure no one wants wide angle.
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Thanks for all your help.. Just placed an order with Staples for the Olympus C-4000. They gave me the lowest price quote I found on the internet, matched that, plus gave a 10% price match guarentee..

Just a note to all.. Staples Management (at time of purchase on Feburary 16th) told me that they would be discontinuing the price match plus 10% guarentee towards internet sales on February 18th..

Thanks to all for the info.. Looking forward to great pictures!! Regards, Jim from CT..
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Jim, I love my C4000...good luck!
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