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Default C2100

Is there anyway to eliminate vignetting, when using a telephoto lens?
Can the C2100 be used for indoor action shots, using the telephoto
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I have a Canon Powershot Pro90 with the same stabilized 10 X lens as the Oly 2100UZ. It's a great lens for all-round shooting, indoors or out. I am going to get an external flash as the built-in one is too weak to fully exploit the power of the lens. The Canon has a hot shoe, but I don't know about the Olympus. The downside is the size and weight of the camera, but the reach of the big lens is truly wonderful.

The Canon has a bigger sensor (2.6 MP vs 2.0 for the Oly). Both cameras are out of production. You'll need a close-up lens for macro photography.
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You'll have to be a little more specific; are you getting vignetting when zoomed in fully? Or does it start to happen as you zoom out to a wider angle? Most teleconverters will vignette if you switch them to the widest setting, and zooms vary as to the useable amount of zoom without vignetting. If your tele vignettes when zoomed in fully, it may be a poor match for your camera. Most folks use teleconverters only at or near the maximum zoom range, so it usually isn't an issue. As you already have a fantastic zoom on the camera, see if you can't frame the same picture you want without the teleconverter lens attached.

I see no reason you can't use a teleconverter on the C2100 for indoor action shots, although most teleconverters reduce the amount of light taken into the camera (the B-300 is one that does NOT). As suggested above, you'll probably want to get an external flash for the best action shots indoors, where lighting can be a problem.
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