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Default 1st Time Buyer - Reccomendations? 200.00-300.00 Range TOTAL


Looking to purchase my very first digital camera. I've been reading reviews on this site and others and I'm still haveing an incredibly difficult time choosing a camera to purchase.

I'm going to have about 300.00 (USD) total to spend.

Battery life and image quality are probably the biggest issues with me. How much memory comes with a camera is less important, although at least 32mb would be nice, but I can make 16mb last if I absolutely have to and upgrade a couple weeks later.

So if anyone knows of a good "package deal" on something, or has some other advice/suggestions I would sure appreciate them.


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I had the same price range and ended up with the Olympus D550. Staples price matched a coupon I had from best buy so I got if for $270. I don't get it until tomorrow, because they had to order it as they were out of stock, but is seemed like a good value for the money. It seemed to be one of the nicer 3 megapixel cameras in that price range.
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Almost all cameras will come with puny memory cards. You'll probably want a 128 MB card, and that can cost you $50 or more (or maybe less if you find a good sale). Also, if you buy a camera that takes AA batteries, you'll want to get some rechargeable batteries and a charger. That will add another 30 or so.

So, find a camera that costs about $220 or so. With smart shopping you can add memory and rechargeable batteries (if needed), and come in at about $300
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Default Me Again. :D

Hi! I ended up going with the Kodak Easy Share DX 4330. Picked it up for 285.00 and I feel it was the best value for that price range. 3.1 megapixel, 3x optical, 3.3x digital 16mb internel memory tons of preset shooting modes, nice interface and more. Best of all it took great 2160 x 1440 images right out of the box. Not grainy at all, I'm very pleased.

It also has quicktime movie recording with sound (bonus!). It even plays back audio on the cam itself and has a nice little audio/video out hookup to plug right into my tv. I thought that was pretty great too.

Thanks for the imput guys.
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