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Default Heeeeelp Im confused

Hi Everybody !

Im a danish guy who wants to buy a good digital camera. Im considering the Olympus C-50ZOOM as well as the Olympus C5050. But the thing is that i keep finding new great cameras and i have arrived at the conclution that im the weak link in this.

Im a total novis in fotografing, but i dont want to cut my self away from getting more advanced, by buing a camera that are totally automatic and dont have any manual controls.

So i think that i need a good allround camera with both automatic and manual controls so that i can grow with the camera. so you see i need professional help :lol:

What would you guys recomend and what do you think of the above mentioned cameras

Oh i forgot to mention i have a sony mavica with about 0.8 mp so i have done a littel bit of digital dabbeling but not much.

All help is much appreciated and needed :roll:
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I would recommend olympus c-4000 if you want to pay a lot less. This camera is excellent for novice like us. Good quality pictures, easy to use, manuals settings , etc.

I believe olympus c-5050 is more for professionals and experienced photographers... and its more expensive as well...

think about it !
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The C4000 is a good camera as Olivier has suggested. However, if your budget can afford the C5050 that would be a great camera. The C5050 has the following advantages:

3X Optical Zoom
Supports Compact Flash, Smart Media, Xd Picture card & micro drive
Moveable LCD panel
Photo Assist Lamp
F1.8 lens for great low light shooting
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If money is not a problem, then I'd choose the C-5050 over the 4000. As excellent as the 4000 is (I have one and love it), the 5050 is superior to it in most aspects (that's why it costs more! ). Faster lens, built-in hotshoe (to have that feature on the 4000 would add $100 to the price of the 4000 in the forms of a flash bracket and cable), three different media choices, more megapixels, movie mode with sound, etc.

If you are on a budget, then the 4000 is a great choice. You can check out some sample pictures from the 4000 on my PBase site (link in my signature below).

Good luck!
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sounds great, thanks for all your help. None of you commented on the OLY c50zoom thoug :shock: . Is that because it is inferior to both the 4000 and the 5050. Im asking because i kinda fell fore the sleek looks of the aluminum body on the c50zoom 8)
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I have the C-5050 and I think its a great camera.You can run it in full auto if you like or in any mode you can think of once you read the manual. You can really grow into this camera.Many,many adjustments and features you can use and experiment with.Shoot as many pictures as you like.If you don't like them,erase them and start over.


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