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My son is getting married next week at the Venetian, inside on a bridge over the canal, in the evening.

Has anyone taken pics inside a casino that has the fake daylight?
Do you need a flash?
Do they darken the "sky" in the evening to make it look like "nighttime" (I presume not, but don't know.)

I will also be taking pics inside one of the restaurants there-don't know which one.

I will be using a new Panasonic FZ30, no exterior flash just the built-in flash, a tripod, an external shutter cable, and will be using Photoshop CS for editing later.

Any advice for a semi-Newbie? I have read a lot but haven't taken many inside shots. Suggested camera settings would be great.

PS: I know about the "noise" on the FZ30.

Margot ;-)

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Fill in flash is often useful in portraits even when the light is bright enough to take shots without it. It helps lighten the face and prevent unwanted shadows.

Your camera has a manual white balance setting I would be prepared to use it if the fake daylight doesn't produce the tones you expect.

Your camera has the ability to shoot RAW I would use this particularly if CS supports your camera. The RAW processor on CS gives a huge amount of control over exposure and white balance during post processing.

Take as many photos as you can, try different settings on the same pose. It costs nothing and you just keep and print the best.


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Do yourself a favor and get a flash unit and a diffuser for it. You don't need an expensive flash, but a flash unit will make the pictures much more professional looking. Bounce flash works well in enclosed spaces with a low white ceiling, but you need a diffuser for open spaces. A harsh direct flash doesn't look as good. Spend some time learning to use it. I personally prefer putting the flash on a bracket that hooks into the tripod slot, but that is personal preference and not really necessary.

With stabilization and a good flash I don't think you will want to use the tripod. I don't think most wedding photographers use them.

Also practice using raw. If you shoot raw all you have to get right when you are shooting the pictures is the exposure and focus. Everything else can be done with the raw file. Post processing is a lot easier with raw. I would ask on the Panasonic board what they are using for raw conversion with the FZ30. Your cycle times go up a little, but 4 seconds is pretty good for an 8Mp raw file.

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I'd think you would need flash. They keep it permanently as "daylight" (or at least it always has been when I've been in there), but it's not that bright.
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