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I'm about to purchase my 1st Digital camera & I have some questions. I'm looking for a 3mp & 3x optical under $400. I've narrowed my choices to Fuji A303 & Canon S30. Any other suggestions? Also are the super compacts(Canon s230)or other ELPHS hard to handle and hold steady because of their size. Are batteries something I should make an issue over? Proprietary batteries versus over the counter AA. I'd like a fairly simple point & shoot but one I could grow into if I chose to.Thanks.
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Because I'm young and steady-handed I don't worry about the camera size, I am sure this is a factor to some people though. The only way you can really decide on this is to go to a few stores and actually handle the cameras yourself.

The ability to accept AA's is a very important point for me because I like to carry two sets of spares which is only feasable on my budget if I can use cheap Ni-MH AA's. A camera that only took proprietary batteries would have to be near perfect in every other aspect for me to seriously consider it.

If you'd like to get a simple camera to 'grow into' think about choosing one with a selection of manual controls too. I started off with a Fuji fp2400 and it was fine for about 12 months, but I soon started to get impatient with not having enough control over my photos.

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IMUO A camera is only relevant if you have it with you when you need it. I have no problem carrying with me at all time my favorite temba bag. it is small enough yet large enough not to look like a camera bag http://www.tenba.com/camera/P211.htm yet it can fit any camera I have had so far. So for me large camera is not an issue. Eddie gives you a good advice: try the camera. My principle is that I have to be comfortable with a camera and be able to take a picture with it within a few seconds of picking it up for the first time. If I have to look for the controls or the on switch then it will never be a camera for me. Small tiny cameras are cute but they are not for me, you almost always pay for miniaturization either in cost or in compromises in the quality or performances. On digital cameras especialy, shopping for features only can be dangerous, what counts is how you can realy use those features. If you have to juggle for 5 minutes on tiny buttons through 4 levels of menus to access a feature you are likely to use it about twice in the life of your camera.
Good shopping
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Default Compact cameras

I'd have to agree with both previous posters. Choosing a camera based only on features on paper is a mistake we all make too often (in buying a car, stereo set, etc.). It's only the first step.

Concerning the Fuji A303 and Canon S30, the A303 has only Auto and Manual, whereas the Canon S30 has in addition shutter-priority and aperture-priority. In this respect, I would personally prefer the S30 as a camera that allows you to 'learn and grow more.'

I personally love the small compact cameras that fit in the front pocket of your trousers. ;o)

Here is a link I put together concerning compact cameras:

Hope this is helpful,
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Not sure how much Oly C4000 costs in US but try to stretch to that. Great P+S and all the manual stuff you'll need to grow into.
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Check out the Minolta Dimage F100. It is ultra compact, fully automatic or fully manual. It takes AA batteries.

I guess I got very lucky because I bought mine sight unseen and I absolultely have fallen in love with it. I did extensively research it on the web, but never actually went out and handled one. When mine arrived in the mail I was astounded by its small size.

I've said it before, this thing feels like they used some sort of advanced alien technology in it to pack so much into such a small package.
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