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I am a scrapbooker who worries about protecting my digital files. I want to make back up CD's but I'm worried because I have taken a CD in to have a few prints made at my least favorite venue, the local kiosk at a drugstore, and have had them turn out badly. I had uploaded the same photos and printed them online with good results. When I have questioned the photo center I was told that the CD's were compressed. I have gone through my Microsoft XP help and can't find any information how to burn a CD without compression. I may sound really stupid but I would rather admit it than not have a good back up for my photos. I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thanks
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I don't buy the compression thing...When you uploaded the pics and printed them online, did you upload them from the CD? Do you have a printer at home? Just make a print from your HD, and one from your CD and compare.

the Hun

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There's not really such a thing as a compressed CD. You can put compressed data on it, but it's not going to change when it's transferred from the hard drive to the CD.

If you want to be sure, you can simply open the image off the CD and compare it to the one on your computer. Your burner software shouldn't be changing anything.
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I have to agree with the other posters. Had the contents of the CD really been compressed, it is unlikely the retailer would have been able to read the images at all.

They were giving you the 'bum's rush'. That is, they were telling you something off the wall, just to make you go away confused and to NOT question their quality.

I think they just did a bad job and were not willing to admit it.

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Picasa 2 Is a good free program to edit and back up your pictures

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Thanks. I upload my photos from my camera onto my hard drive and then upload them to an online retailer like Kodak. When I go to the store I make a copy from my hard drive and burn it on to the CD. Both Walgreens and CVS say that CD's do not work as well as taking the pictures directly from a compact flash card straight from my camera. I too thought this was strange. I have a Canon A95 and I am very pleased with what I get online. I just thought Iwas doing something wrong and did not want to save poor quality CDs of family pictures.
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Make sure the photo center is printing on the "big" machine. Most have small printers that the quality is very inconsistent.If the terminal delivers the image to the regular photo processing machine you should get good images unless the machine is poorly maintained and the settings are off.

Good luck!

Trique Daddi
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