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Well i just got my fz30 , i have this huge problem of having very shaky hands. This makes the picture look absolutely horrible. I was wondering if you have any advice I could use to make my hands less jittery. Maybe to use the evf instead of the LCD ? who knows, any help is appreciated
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Holding a camera at arms length to view the LCD will maginfy any shaking. Using a viewfinder tucking your elbows into your chest and holding your breath as you take the shot will help.

Also using options thatgive you the fastest possible shutter speed will help minimise the effects of camera shake.
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Do you know why and when your hands shake? Is it a medical condition, or just that holding it for awhile?

Why I ask is that for some people if you grip something your hand shakes, but if you hold it loosely they don't shake. Others (like my dad) shake basically all the time, to some extent. In his case its clearly a medical condition (they don't know what.)

I agree with Nagasaki, how you hold the camera can make a big difference. You use different muscles depending on your arm position. Assuming your eyes can focus on the LCD, I would suggest bracing your elbows against your chest and holding the camera about a foot or two in front of your face.

How you stand can also effect steadyness, but see if adjusting your arms helps.

While I'm sure you don't want to, another solution is to get a monopod, but they get in the way of most unplanned pictures.

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Good answers, and I am also a big fan of the mini pods, which telescope a bit. With the legs stored inside handle, telescope the handle and adjust angle to brace aagainst your chest when shooting. Take a deep breath, release about half of it, and then hold while taking the shot.

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Doesn't really matter...the OP is selling his cam...


the Hun

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