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I've had my camera for 6 months now, and it's starting to accumulate splatter and dirt on the lens. Can I use WalMart pre-moistened lens cloths, or are these harmful? Any other good tips? Any products I should be buying, like those little puffers that emit a tiny blast of air?

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The thing that I would worry about with a cloth is that you use it more than once. Are you sure that there isn't any grit accumulated on it? I use lens paper and a single drop of lens cleaning fluid when the lens can't just be blown clean with one of those brush-and-bulb jobs you mentioned. I may just be a slob, but I often have spots that require the lens paper treatment. Also, don't forget to clean your filters before using them. I always have to brush-and-blow my fliters when I take them out of the case, although they usually don't need more than that. Be sure to put the lens cover back on your lens as soon as possible, because that will help keep it clean, too. People who have good cleanliness habits also vacuum their camera case regularly. I'm sure that's a good idea -- I'm just too lazy to do it. Finally, use something like a cotton swab to clean the dirt off the body of the camera, too.

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Is it generally safe to clean a camera lens with a lens cleaning cloth for eyeglasses?
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Modern optics are pretty darn tough multicoated glass, I frequently clean my lenses with the tail of my t-shirt :shock:-- but it is recommended to use lint-free lens cleaning tissueand rub gently in a circular motion. Be sure to remove any hard (i.e. sand, gritty dirt) contamination BEFORE rubbing the lens with anything or you will scratch the coating.
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Here is what an old pro friend of mine taught me many moons ago:

- Use a bulb brush and blow the grit off the lens. (you don't want to rub grit into the coating of your lens.

- Then, if there are any dust specs remaining, flick off the dust with the brush attached to your blower.

- Then very lightly polish your lens with lens cleaning paper, being very careful not to scratch the coating on your lens.

- For tough spots, daub them with lens cleaner solution, then use a light lens cleaning cloth. Then use the lens cleaning paper as the last step.

The goal is to keep the lens clean without scratching or wearing out the lens coating.

Canon, Ibelievesells a lens cleaning kit for about $5that should include the blower/brush, lens cleaning cloth, lens cleaning paper and lens cleaning solution.

-- Terry
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