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Default what can damage digital cameras?

im really new to all this digital camera stuff, i just got a sony p71 yesterday and i love it. today my friend aimed it at the sun and the lcd screen went all green and stuff, i want to know if doing that was bad for the camera at all. is there anything else that is bad for the camera like this, i know dropping it cant be good for it. please let me know before i make any dumb mistakes like my friend did. thx!
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There probably is a threshold where a CCD can be ruined but not likely you'll ever see it. I've photographed and video taped arc welding with no problems but haven't had the chance to photograph a thermonuclear blast Back in olden times you could wreck a video camera by toasting the vidcon tube with a sun image. Keep in mind this was back when we threaded the reels of video tape through the heads and stoked the deck with coal.

Aside from that keep your camera away from dust, sand and water especially salt water. Electrolytes such as sea water or sugar water (a soda) are hightly conductive and wil quickly wreck electronics by shorting things out. Add to that they're highly corrosive.
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Couple other things to watch out for: Placing batteries in upside down, not formatting cards in camara, xray machines at airports can destory cams. Also cheap ac/dc power supplys or ones not right for your cam. All models are different as are xray machines at airport.
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