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Default Please help me decide

I know you are all probably sick of hearing this but I need help deciding on a (my first) digital camera. I've been researching them for about two weeks and am getting more and more frustrated.

Here is what I want:
Excellent indoor/outdoor photos
Ability to take multi pictures fast (I have a three year old that moves fast....lol)
video and audio recording (I realize quality will not be great)
2-4 MP
at least 3x optical zoom
at least 16MB memory card
adjustable ISO
ability to hook up to TV

I really know nothing about taking pictures so it's got to be idiot proof but I would like to have ability to control some things as I (hopefully) learn more.

I thought I had decided on the Fuji 3800 but am concerned about the quality of indoor/low light photos so kept looking. Now I am looking at Kodak DX4330, Sony cybershot P72, Olympus C-4000, and Canon S400. Can anyone help me decide? Is the Canon S400 worth the extra money?

Thanks in advance for helping to ease my impending migraine from this.
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I would recommend the Olympus C4040. You can find pricing for about $450 at www.dealtime.com.

F1.8 lens, excellent for indoor and out door photos.
Movie mode with sound (C4000 has movie mode no sound)
3X Optical zoom
comes with 16mb Smart media and be upgraded to 128mb.
Manual and auto modes.

Good luck
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Thanks for the reply. I didn't want to go quite that high in price, I was considering the Canon S400 which I believe is around that price only b/c it came with the battery charger and (I believe) a 32 MB memory card.

I hate to sound like a girl here but the Olympus C4040 is BLACK....YUCK! And what does everyone think of the pcworld reviews b/c they only gave the C4040 about a 3.5 I think.

Any comments on the Canon? Or what about the Kodak DX 4330? That's more my price range and I can purchase it locally. Ugh, I have such a headache from all these stupid MP and optical zooms, I think I'll close my eyes and point to one...lol!
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Hi Roni,

Welcome to the forum

It is such fun to contemplate a digital camera purchase!

Ahhh....choices, choices!

One thing I would suggest is this:

Go to Best Buy (or similar store) and try out lots of the
digital cameras.

This way, you can familiarize yourself with lots of the
features of digital cameras and decide on which features
are most important to you.

Also, factor in more memory (additional purchase) right away.

Overstock.com and ecost.com have memory at considerably
less than retail .

I look forward to your first postings of pics!

Good luck, Roni
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Well, I got sick of the search and went to buy a camera. I went a completely different way for two reasons. First, the stock was limited at stores in my area and second, the one I got came with a free accessory kit including a charger, extra batteries, mini tripod, case, extra 32MB card...etc. Anyway, I settled on a HP 812 (I can return it if I don't like it) and paid $599 Cdn. Price any good?? What about my first pics?

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The Best Camera is one that You will use. Good good luck Good start.
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how about the Minolta S414.......there is a review of it right here on Steve's site...................
and it's not black.....................

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Roni, the lowest price for an HP 812 that I found on the internet was $302 US. You'll have to do the conversion to Canadian dollars and assess the value of the extras you received, but my opinion of bundle packages at retail outlets in general is that you can purchase the extras for less elsewhere.

As for your pictures, the first one doesn't appear to be very sharply focused and is underexposed. The second one is properly exposed, but the background appears to be a bit noisy.

The Olympus C-2100 has all the features you are looking for, except that it only comes with an 8MB card. It has a silver finish, is easy to use, contains everything including batteries, charger, and remote in the box, and it takes great pictures. I bought a refurbished one last year for $360 US.
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