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Originally Posted by sjms
pricing on the legs will vary with what there made of. and how many sections on the legs. usually 3 or 4 sections. i prefer 3 for leg stiffness. less compact though.
the bogen 3021pro legs in the picture are about $130 w/o head. this is meant for larger camera/lens setups. there is a model lighter wgt model 3001pro $109 w/o head. and then there is the 3443 carbon at $419 light stiff and a wonder to behold.
To be honest, that's a whole lot cheaper than I was expecting. Even considering that I'd have to buy a head, I can't see it going much beyond $300 (for the lightweight 3001 + head).

Then again, I could be grossly mistaken in my estimation of head prices.

I got a cheapy tripod [for free] with my Finepix F601. It is the flimsiest piece of equipment I have ever seen. Completely unusable. It won't stay extended, it won't stay standing, and the built-in head seems to have a mind of its own.

I've seen some nice tripods on ProShooter's website http://www.proshooter.homestead.com/weapons.html. I wonder how much one of those goes for?
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if you go with a bogen ball head to start you'll come home with lots of change. in fact depending on the model, and they do have a few, you can stay under $200 legs and head.

the head in the shot you saw is a arca-swiss $329 when i bought it. it moves smoother than any other i have used. better than any of my joints.

that surveyor tripod on the website is much like my sachtler tripod.
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There are three main charactorics of tripods:
*) Stability
*) Weight
*) Height

Do not cheap out in stablity - that is the reason to have a tripod. Don't think that because your camera is light, you can get away with something flimsy.

But you can save substantial money by having a heavy, short tripod. A heavy tripod is much like a cast iron frying pan - the best there is, but you don't want to carry it very far. How short you can use depends on how tall you are and how you are going to use it. Sitting behind a short tripod lined up on a bird's nest is just fine. If your camera has a tilt LCD, short might be OK as well.

Don't count the center post as part of the height - that reduces stablity. Use it only for fine adjustments.
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Now I kinda wished that I had waited to buy a tripod. :x

but noooooo, gf had to have one. :P
So yeah, I fall in the 20 dollar walmart special catagory. :P

Oh well, This one does have 2 plates for the head, and does do a decent job of holding both the cam and the camcorder.
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actually, the ones at wal-mart aren't all that bad, if you don't use them for windy days, and use a cable release or IR remote.
heck for that matter, you could posistion the camera on a rock if you had to and use remote or self timer.
the wal-mart brands are just not meant for serious use, but will more than get you the shot you want.
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I saw some nice Ali tripods up at my local builders merchants (They look a bit like pro-shooters).

They're sold for putting laser levels on. A touch hefty and not so compact though. But certainly up to rough treatment! Moving up a notch, they also do bigger ones for Theodolites - they looked big and mean, and come with 3 legs!
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