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Default Considering digital camera--any suggestions

:? I've been put in charge of purchasing a new digital camera for our church. I've been told that I can spend up to $500 for the camera (we'll be buying accessories later) Everytime I think I know what I want, I hit another snag. So, could anyone help?

Initially, I was looking at the Olympus C730. Like the zoom and haven't read anything which really steered me away from them.

Then I read about the Fuji s602--how you can take pictures in faster succession.

...and then... I could look at them until I'm blue in the face, but I've been doing it for 2 months and don't feel any more comfortable hitting that "order confirmation" button than I did when I started!?!

So here's where I stand: Need a camera that's relatively easy to use, particularly since there will likely be multiple users. Want something with pretty good optical zoom, since many pictures may need to be taken from a ways away (ie. baptisms/weddings from across the distance of the church). We have a pre-school, so we'll be taking lots of pictures of kids, both indoors and out.

If I was spending my money, I'd have made a purchase a long time ago--I can live with my mistakes. I just hate to make one with someone else's money--especially when it's my church's! So THANKS for any help!
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Default I have a Canon S400


I have the Canon S400, I purchased last month. I love it. It is simple to use, durable, tiny and takes beautiful pictures. And it is in your budget range. It has a 3X optical zoom and I think a 8x digital but I only use the optical.

If you would like to see some sample picutres go to this link where I have posted some. A few were taken on an older Kodak so just make sure you look under each picture, it will tell you what camera there.


Amazon has the S400 in stock and sells for $475.00, here is a link:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...I/mjbdesign-20

They also have the Lexar 256 MB Compact Flash Memory Card on sale for $43.48 after rebate. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...U/mjbdesign-20

I have to say, I love the quality of this camera. I think you would be happy with it.

Good luck,
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I'd personally go with the s602 out of those listed, but what do you plan on doing with the pictures? If your church plans on doing a lot of cropping and still wants to print out 8x10s, then you'll need to go at least 4 mp. Also, about your requirement for optical zoom, I personally would get a camera that can take add-on lenses, because depending on how far from the subject the photographer will be, you may find you need more than just 8 or 10x and want to get a spotting scope or monocular. If you are interested in using add-ons, then your best option is the nikon cp 4500 as the small thread size reduces vignetting and gives you more options for adding on lenses. Also, the 4x optical zoom should tide your church over until a monocular or add-on zoom can be purchased while 4mp will let you do more with the images than the 3mp of the others (not counting the fuji's interpolated 6mp). Last time I checked, the nikon cp4500 is about $400 at bhphotovideo after a $200 mail in rebate.
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The Oly 730 will do nicely and is cheaper than the Fuji.
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I just ordered my S602 and it should be here soon... good zoom, great quality, and the ability to have lots or little control, depending on my setting... the vast choices for media also made it a great choice for me.

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I'd recommend getting the Olympus C-2100. While available only used or refurbished at the moment, I've used it for our church day camp and gotten great candid shots. It's easy to use, takes wonderful pictures, and can take up to about 2fps to capture the action.
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