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Filters are great for a number of reasons:

1. If you're camera will take them, always use a UV filter. It cuts out some of the haze and is a cheap lens protector. You'd rather scratch a cheap replacable filter instead of a lens.
2. Polorizing filters : Can reduce refections and posssilbe eliminate them off water, some metalic surfaces, glass. They are also great to make skies a darker blue.
3. Neutral Density filter : reduces the amount of light coming into the camera so you can have more choice in longer exposures, choose the desired f/stop, etc
4. In film world when shooting with slide film, it is almost a requirement to use filters to get the proper lighting. In digi cams, white balance built into the camera takes care of this.
5. Special effects and creative options.

.... and the list goes on. At the time I boutght my camera, i did not want to spend the additional money so mine does not easily take filters, but I get along just fine without them.
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well Honey,
i think we're a;; through confusing you now.....LOL
time to go try the A70 and 414.............to be honest, you won't be dissapointed with either one.
there both good cameras.........here's a picture from my 414.......


and the original is here......

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I think I will rule out the Minolta, as wonderful as it sounds, it doesn't have an AF Illuminator.

I am concerned w/ the softness of the A70, but I think that is a Canon thing, b/c I looked at some pics I took of the g3 and I see what folks are talking about. It isn't to much of a big deal but if you really examine the pics you can see it.
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