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I've received various reports regarding circular polarizing filters. I'm interested in getting one for my Canon Rebel XT 18-55mm kit lense.

Does the effect from the filter differ as the filter is rotated?

Some posts have said that circular polarizers have different effects as they're rotated, which would cause trouble on lenses that don't have inner focusing (i.e. the filter will rotate as the lense focuses).

I went downtown and talked to someone at Huppins (aka OneCall.com) regarding this and he said he's never heard of such an issue.
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Yes Justin, It is necessary to rotate polarizering filters for the best desired effect.

It is true that this is a problem as you say, for lenses that rotate to focus.

The someone at Huppins was rather uninformed.

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Just to add to what Baz said, you can see for yourself if you have polarized sun glasses. If you do, look at the sky and tilt your head to left and then right. You'll see the affect strengthen or weaken. The CP is the same.
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There are polarizers that rotate independent of the mount. Even without that feature they need rotate less than a half turn, which you can do with the threads without completely unscrewing it. I would get one with its own rotation built in. You do require it to have the ability to rotate.

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Here's some cool information on this stuff.


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