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Default Time's run out, need URGENT reply!!

hi there
I've got 24 hours to make my decision. the one question I have is, how do I know what download format to choose, according to my computer? For instance, one can choose Firewire, but I know my PC is not Firewire enabled. It does have a USB port, but is a special one required for a digital camera download? How do I know what sort of camera format my computer is compatible with?
thanks so much

PS email privately is ok, too
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If your cam is up to 3Mpix, USB1 is ok. USB2 is faster but doubt if it exists yet in anything but the biggest Mpix cams. For faster downloads in this case, it's what your pc and reader interface are doing - not cam dependent. So if you're running half a dozen full 1Gb microdrives, you might want to think about a USB2 reader (Dazzle Zio) and a pc with fast USB2- or a pci adaptor card, or firewire interfaces.

Either way, using a reader allows you to be independent of the cams own download speed. A USB1 cam port will talk ok to a USB1 or 2 in a pc, you just don't get the faster speed. So if your pc and cam has any sort of usb port they will talk to each other, but card readers will allow faster download options. Don't worry about it unless your buying a 12Mpix cam!
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Thanks for your prompt reply, Vox.
My PC would definitely be USB1, it's 1999. The camera I am considering is the Olympus Camedia D-550, as I want 3 Mpx or higher, I don't think I want straight point and shoot, because even though I am beginner and think, "start out simple", I also KNOW myself: I'm the sort that would start and out and then want to play with all sorts of things and features etc. and would get very interested. I don't have much to spend, around $300. The camera would be mostly used for outdoor shots, nature and closeups of flowers and things. I want good quality prints. However, I don't really need a camcorder, it's just this camera got good reviews and a good price. If you have any other suggestions please, please, go ahead, my eyes are going to fall out if I read one more review, and I have to make a decision, and hit the point where I just wish somebody would decide for me! (ever been there?)
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