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Default Again someone looking to buy a camera

I'm looking to buy a camera upto $500.

I asked a few friends and from their experiences and information I came to the following three cameras:

Canon Powershot A70 - for its features at a good price.

Minolta S414 - 4MP and 4x optical zoom for a decent price.

Minolta Xt - someone told me to wait for this when I said I might be partial to having a really small camera.

I do like having lots of things to play around with so before anyone told me about the Xt I was gonna go for the A70. But does the Xt have anywhere near the manual options of the A70? I haven't been able to find anything out about this camera. I have been impressed with the quality of some of the pics I've seen with the S414. Thanks for any advice. Kain.
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Thanks for the reply. I did look at the post but I still have a few questions. I think the image quality is better on the S414 when it comes to everyday shooting with the least noise and good sharpness. But shutter lag and shot to shot times, which I want to be short, I was told was better on the A70. Is there really such a difference in photo quality or was it just the model I was testing?

I like to take night shots but came up undecided as to which one was better there. They both seem to do well when it comes to exposure length and noise. Which camera would be better here?

The thing I forgot to mention was that when I have more money I might get a second camera to carry around all the time. I had looked at the Minolta Xi until I was told the Xt was coming out. I just wanted some information on its features, manual capabilities, picture quality etc. Thanks again, Kain.
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