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Default What else other than G3

Hi all,

A guy in the shop has me virtually sold on the Canon G3, but it's a tad pricey. I'm a newbie, but I'm the sort where I know that once I get going, I will want to play around with all sorts of features etc, so feel straight point and shoot isn't going to be enough. The same thing happened when I got my first PC. The guy in the shop under-sold me for my needs; the moment I got it I set about mastering and learning about it feverishly. In 3 months, I outgrew the computer. So, knowing this about myself, I want to make sure I get enough advanced features so that once I get up to speed, I can keep going for a while--I I am liable to read everything I can on photography, take a course etc. Yet, I can't afford to go hi-end pro. What I liked about the G3: I liked the feel of the camera in my hands, not too heavy, but something I could 'grip' onto. I think I liked having some 'body' to it. I also particularly liked the fold-away LCD to keep it from scratching. I will be mostly taking outdoor scenes, plus would like to do close-ups of flowers and birds. Will be printing, too. Because birds have a tendency to move, I think I need something that would be able to capture movement. He also recommended it to me because he had had nothing but good reports about it.

Can anyone suggest anything else I should look at, preferably cheaper? I notice good reviews about the A70. I realize that's a 3 mpx to a 4, but if it's got enough settings etc, maybe it would still be good to keep me going for a while. No preference on brand, so all suggestions welcome.
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