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Default Printers, DPI and resolution help

Hi all,

Okay I'm very confused about the pixel vs dpi issue. How do you calculate what the max print size is for any given picture at a given resolution? I mean there are printers being sold that can print at 4800 x 2400 dpi and then there are printers that can print at 2400 x 1200. What are the benefits of having a printer that can print 4800 x 2400 vs 2400 x 1200 if I was printing a 4 x 6(3 megapixel file)? What about a 6 x 8(3 megapixel image)? What about a 8 X 10(3 megapixel file). If i wanted a really good 6 x 8 print from a printer how large should the actual image be in pixels(w x H)?
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DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pixels per inch) are often confused.

To get a good print you need at least 200 PPI or preferably 300PPI which is said to be pixelless to the naked eye..

3mp= about 1730x1730 (to square it up) (Square root of 3mllion)

Divide 1730 by size in inches say 8 = about 216 PPI = adequate

8x8 = about 9x7

Prints need not be over 1440 on a typical epson as the appearance looks dotless. At 720 they appear slightly grainy but still good.

I've heard printing at higher resolutions on my epson at 2880 is a waste of time and I agree but some say it's better for B+W?

Do some experimenting and see for yourself.
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Did some 'speriments once on my Epson. Used a pocket microscope to check out how the dots are laid. With genuine Epson paper and say 1200dpi you can definitely see 'white space' between ink dots.

Anything other than right Epson paper, and you see ink spread, no white space and inability to match the output dot res. to the printer setting. Clever stuff this ink/paper/jet technology!
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