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Default Oly c2100 UZ Flash Problems

I've had a 2100 since the week they came out, and its worked just fine for me, no problems.

But today, I turn it on, open the flash, take a picture, and there is no flash. I make sure auto flash is on, and evrything, still nothing.

I then notice that in the view finder, a ornage flash icon (the one in the upper left hand corner that usually flashes when flash is charging) is on whenever i press down on the shutter button. Its an orange icon, and is steady, not flashing.

This leads me to belive that this is a setting or software problem. I also now notice that slow flash is enabled, and there is no way to turn this off.

Tried a reset and everything, but still cannot get the slow flash to turn off, or have the camera use the flash in general.

Any suggestions?
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Suggest you go to page 5 of your MENU and use the ALL RESET command to return all camera settings to factory default.

See what happens.

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Here's my suggestions:

All Reset like Steve suggested would be my first remedy.

Slow flash can't be turned on unless you are in Manual mode, so try using the Auto setting and see what happens.

Is there enough available light so that the flash isn't needed? Check this by changing the setting to Fill-In flash, so that the flash fires even when there is sufficient lighting.

If none of the above remedies your problem, it sounds like the same symptoms you would have if you forgot to open the flash. Perhaps the switch that tells the camera the flash is opened has malfunctioned or isn't engaging.

Just grasping at straws here, but is it possible your batteries aren't fully charged?

Let us know how you come out, and we'll see what we can do...
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