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I have owned my Canon Rebel XT and kit lense (18-55mm) for about 3 months now. It is my first DSLR and my second digital camera (first was a Canon PowerShot A520, great little camera).

There have been plenty of times where I would have loved a telephoto lense. But I just can't seem to get over the thought of switching lenses just for one or two shots. Then the thought of the possibility of getting dust on the sensor every time I change lenses.

Granted, if I were to go to a sporting event, chances are I'll only use a telephoto lense.

But when I go out on a drive, I may stop and see a shot with a telephoto lense so I'll switch to that, then I see the same shot would look great as well with a wide-angle lense so I put my kit lense back on.

Do I just need to get over my fears of changing lenses and possibly getting dust on the sensor? Or do lense changes out in the field not really happen that often?
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Interesting question.

I usually go out for the day with one lens and work with that.

Some pro's carry more than one body, sometimes as extreme as three or four camera bodies around their necks so they can just switch from camera to camera with different lenses attached to each, going from wide angle to extreme telephoto.

However there's nothing wrong with switching your lens before you go out, or while you are out.

I switch my lens all the time with no fear ofsensor dust.

I've never had any dust on the sensor nor have I seen any result on my photos.

The whole point of owning a DSLR is the ability to change lenses.

After you've changed lenses about 20 times you'll be changing (carefully) without thinking about it much.

-- Terry

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Even if you don't change lenses you will get dust on your sensor sooner or later.

So don't worry about it.

Get that telephoto and go for it. After all, if you never wanted to change lenses why choose a SLR?
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Why don't you get an 18-200 lens and sell your 18-55 kit. But in general I wouldn't worry about it. If possible change lenses in your car. Otherwise follow the general rule of pointing the camera down when changing lenses.

Here's my technique:
1) I loosen the rear cap of the new lens ahead of time, and note where the circle mark is (or whatever marking is on Canon).

2) I have the lens cap/front end of the old lens on the table (or in my bag if I'm outdoor), and take note where the circle of the new lens will go. The two lenses are next to each other.

3) I then loosen the old lens, and in one quick motion, I detach the camera from the old lens with my left hand, at the same time, remove the rear cap of the new lens with my right hand, and I swap them. Putting the rear cap of the new lens on top of the old one, and putting the camera on top of the new lens, noting the circle mark. This one-motion swap lessens the time the camera is expose to air, and is exposed for at most 5 or 6 inches (for my almost equal sized lenses).

4) I then tighten the lens to the camera (note the lens' and camera's circle are already matched), and then tighten the rear cap on the old lens.

I'm a clean freak, so I often check my lens caps and rear caps for lint before changing the lens.

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