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You lot on here seem very professional, how did you learn to become good photographers and what everything means/does etc etc. I'm really keen to learn and make the most out of my camera!
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Reading a good book on beginning photography is a good start. Then, practice, practice, practice. Actual hands on experience is the best way to learn.
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Most of the links here are a place to start:


Also, if there is a Magic Lantern book for your camera model...they tell you what & why your camera controls are useful.
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I agree, read up and experiment. It helps to have a camera with shutter priority , aperture priority and full manual modes. Also, don't hesitate to ask for questions here, maybe even use the search tool for past discussions. Also, checkout the "Post your Phots" section for tips and see what others are doing.

Here are a couple of other good sites:

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Check out community colleges in your area. I took a couple of b/w photography courses when I started getting serious.

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I would have to say that you can read all the books you want but if you dont have a camera to pratice on, you wont take good picture. I am new to photography and I read many books on it but my picture still look like poo compaired to what I see in here. I've been intrest in photography for about 5 months now and I am still learning. I know all the techy stuff about the camera and what they do, I just need to learn how to use it.

I am not saying that reading books wont help, because they do. If you are new to this and dont know anything, not even the basics, then read a book on photography. Dont worrie if it is old and was written for film, because almost everything on film is the same with digital.

Also pratice makes perfect. I would try to get a dSLR or a camera with digital camera with full manual control. I say digital because you can shoot as many pictures as you want without care about the cost of film.
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Another useful suggestion:

In addition to the above, post your photos on this forum.

Then ask for real feedback (not the glossy stuff).

Most experienced photographers can give you some pretty good critiques and advice as to how to make your photos better.

Also go out on PBASE and look at what other photographers are doing. It will blow your mind how good some of these people are.

Finally, get an audience. Try to find your auidience. Nothing improves your photos faster than shooting foran intended audience with an intended purpose.

Most amateurs shoot for their own benefit and enjoyment, but real learning occurs when you realize that photography is a medium to communicate WITH OTHERs.
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thanks for all your advise guys

i have only got a casio exilim z600, do you think i can learn the basics from that? the main sort of photgraphy i want to concentrate on is clubbing photo's. i go clubbing and festivals a lot so i want to concentrate on taking photo's in these kinds of conditions and trying to work on what the best settinw ould be to take photo's in a club.

i'll have a look if there are any photography courses, good idea. only thing is i am on a bidget to be honest, can't afford to spend loads on this as i am a student!
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