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This will be an odd question, but...

What happens when you transfer pictures from a Sony/Nikon camera onto a memory card that's in a Canon SD300?

Will the pictures display/sort according to the timestamps in the picture? All the Sony/Nikon pictures intermixed with the Canon pictures?

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Each camera will have different folders that it uses to store photos in most cases.

The first part of the filenames for the images will also be different, and a camera is only going to display it's own images it finds in the folders it normally stores them in correctly (and then, only if they haven't been modified by an editor in any way).

You'd likely get errors trying to see images from one camera on the other's display, even if you renamed them to names like it would be looking for and put them in the correct folders on the card.

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Most all digicamscreate two folders on the memory card, the first is DCIM and then a sub-folder is created for images and is named depending on the camera maker like so:

Memory Card ---- DCIM ----100NIKON

As soon as you reach the maximum number of images allowed per folder the camera creates another folder (i.e. 101NIKON) and so on and so on.

You can usually swap a card between two different maker's cameras as the sub-folder is named differently by each company. However, I don't recommend this as some cameras do non-standard things to the card's file structure - most use the conventional FAT, FAT16 or FAT32 file structures but you never know -- it is ALWAYS best to use the camera's Format command on any card you use in the camera. This way if there is something different being used by that particular camera's file system then you are assured to be compatible with it.

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