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Default Need new camera with low shutter lag, little redeye problem

I just LOST my Nikon 775. Ouch.

I need a new digital to take snapshots of the kids. This was hard to do with the Nikon because the lag between pressing the shutter button and the camera recording the image was too long.

Also, I got way too much redeye. Redeye reduction seems not to work so well for pictures of the kids -- adds to the shutter lag. Maybe what I need is something with the flash a little farther from the lens? Like on my SLR where the built-in flash is on top of the camera -- I get no redeye problem with that.

Otherwise, I don't need immense megapixels, great exposure control, or whathaveyou. I use film SLRs for that.

There are a lot of cameras out now! Any suggestions?
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You're going to have a problem finding a "point and shoot" camera that does a great job reducing red eyes. Because of the close proximity to the lens, the built-in flash reflects almost directly off the retinas of your subject and the reflection is caught by the camera. You might try an external flash, where you can either move the flash 8-12" off-axis, or one with a tilt head that can bounce the light off the ceiling. One that can be removed from the camera is ideal. BUT...since you want a point-and-shoot camera, I'd suggest you just plan on removing the redeye post processing using CompuPic or any other software that has that feature.

As for a camera with low shutter lag, most of the cameras I've used allow you to "pre-focus" by partially depressing the shutter. When the shutter is fully depressed, the picture is taken almost instantaneously. I'd suggest one of the Olympus cameras, such as the D550, but most any of the reputable brand name cameras should work nicely.
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The Fuji S602 is an awesome camera. I have not had any red eye problems with my kids. The flash sits on top of the camera like an SLR built in flash does and also accepts external flashes. I do not have any shutter lag problems with this camera. It is larger than the Nikon 775 and other "point and shoot" digicams, but otherwise a great camera!
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