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Default Plz help. Choosing 2MP vs 3MP

Many people have advised me to get a 3MP camera. However, looking at the sample pictures from the 2MP cameras, they seem to be sufficient.

At 1600x1200, I don't think I'd ever need anything larger (it certainly is overkill for my desktop background since I don't run that high of a resolution).

Also, how many 8x10 photos will I actually print? And the 2MP should be decent for 8x10 right?

So I guess my big question why is everyone suggesting me to go 3MP? Am I missing something?

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Printing an 8X10 with a 2mp camera would be a stretch. The 3mp should do fine for 8X10. If you pic printing is less than 5X7 then the 2mp camera should serve you needs.
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There's a lot more to it than megapixels. Issues like zoom, lens quality (and possibly stabilization), menu system, color quality, camera reliability and structure and how it feels in your hand are just a few of the features you should consider. It's easy to get sucked into the megapixel wars.
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If you can believe what you read (I have not tested), yes I see no reason why you couldn't get print outs as largre at 8x10 with a 2mp camera. However, keep in mind, if you think you might want to crop a picture and still print it at 8x10, it won't happen. With more MP, not only can you print larger pictures, but you can crop more and still have good quality. As far as display on a computer goes, even a camera less than 1 MP could easily look nice from the computer since a display takes far less the nubmer of MP. As Wildman points out, don't forget to look at the other factors. You could have a 5 MP camera, but if the lens for instance was of poor quality, you would have bad pictures.
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On the issue of 2MP cameras being suitable for printing 8x10's, it depends on the camera! Just as one brand might be better than another, one 2MP camera might not take as sharp a picture as another 2MP. I would suggest picking out a few cameras you are interested in, download the same full size pic on Steve's review for the cameras you selected, and print test 8x10's to compare side by side. Let the quality of the photos be the judge rather than our opinions.
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I agree with lg, i've seen 8x10s from 2mp that look great, but ive also seen 8x10s from 3+ mp cameras that couldn't hold a candle to the 2mp. Try out cameras to see which ones you like, but also print out a few samples since some digicams are much better than others when it comes to image quality.
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