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Default Super Puzzled By Sony F717 Manual Settings

Thanks so much for any help.... I'm sure the solution is quite easy.

I am voraciously reading many photography books (such as Kodak's Joy of Photography) and am quite ready for some creative manually controlled shots, but........ here are enduring mysteries even after reading the manual and tinkering:

in ANY MODE (manual, P, AP, SP...): sometimes I can set the aperature to f2,0 and sometimes only to f2.4... what limits this capriciously?

second, the same goes for shutter speeds... Steve has indicated in his review that the shutter speed can reach 1/2000 and the f-stop to a wonderful f2.0... yet these both become limited at times no matter how much I fiddle... it's as though automatic settings/limits are somehow taking over.

third, the same holds true for Manual Mode: when I want to force extremes to darken shadows, overexpose light, play with depth of field... the settings become LIMITED as mentioned above AND seem to jump around after I set them... as though it's behaving in Aperature or Shutter Priority mode where one setting tries to balance out in relation with the other.

So, how can I take full control with MANUAL?

Sean Shimmel
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The effective aperture of a zoom lens changes as the focal length changes. The F717 lens is specified like so:

f=9.7 - 48.5 mm F2.0-F2.4

This means the effective aperture is F2.0 when in full wide angle and F2.4 when in full telephoto. Your camera can only achieve F2.0 when the lens is in wide angle position. These are very good specs for a 5X optical lens as there is little difference between F2.0 and F2.4, most 3x lenses have a much larger difference in min/max apertures.

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Default Thanks... and still wondering about the shutter speed puzzle

Thanks so much, Steve,

Still wondering, however, about how the Sony is sometimes able to reach 1/200 while at others only 1/1000.

Somewhere I've read the faster speed is only available in PROGRAM AE mode... I'm confused... and how do I activate that.

Sean Shimmel
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Default Sony speeds etc

The Canon Gx series also uses the aperture diaphragm as the shutter, and the limitations on shutter speed and aperture are imposed by just how quickly the blades can move. Thus some combinations of shutter speed and aperture will not be available because the bits simply cannot move fast enough. I suspect that the Sony 717 may use the same system. It is odd that Steves review of the Canon G2 explained this limitation, but I do not recall a similar comment about the 717.
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