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Default Digital Indoor shooting

I have read many reviews of digital cameras. Everyone says that the camera ( whatever brand ) does not make clear pictures indoors or in low level light. This is the case for even $800 cameras. Does that mean that to correct this problem all that you need is a flash or is there a more fundamental problem with digital cameras?

I have never had or used a digital camera. I would like a fairly good one that takes close-up indoor shots for some items I want to sell on ebay.
Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated.
I'd be willing to pay in the $500 - $700 range if needed.
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A good flash is essential for indoor photography. The built-in flashes are pretty weak, with range of just a few feet. The same rules apply to chemical cameras, but the lower ISO equivalents in digital cameras make the problems of low light photography a serious problem. If you think of photography as "painting with light" it really becomes obvious... more control of light is the answer to good pictures. Paying more for a digital camera isn't necessarily the answer... get one with a hot shoe and a compatible external flash.
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The problem with all cameras indoors, is whilst it may seem bright, there isn't always enough light (compared to outdoors) to get nice bright sparkly prints with decent contrast. However flash solves this FOR SHORTISH DISTANCES. A built in flash will be OK for up to about 8 feet. The second problem, is often automatic focusing indoors (before the flash fires).

Many digicams default to the shorter distance if they can't auto focus, rather than infinity. Focus is important, because unless a camera has manual focus option to overide the auto, you get the bright sparkly pics fom the flash - but they're out of focus!

Putting this together, you don't need long range so that's OK. Close ups will be fine. Auto focus should be achieved in most cases but a focus assist light (or laser pointer) might help. Finally for web pics, a 1- 2Mpix cam would be fine as you will be downsampling anyway. If this is your only use, then you don't need a high spec/price camera or need to worry about too much spec hunting and fine tuning. I'm not sure if by close-up you mean 'macro' - say up to 1 metre. If so look for macro features in the camera. For specialist work like jewellery, a ring flash might be important (but they are expensive) but you could probably get by with the higher cam Mpix and use zoom in editing

If you want to do more with your camera, think what this might be as that alternative use will determine more what you will buy.
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