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Default SLR ?

Hey im realy new and was woundering what is ment by a digital SLR and what the diffrences between a SLR and a regular digital camera are?
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SLR stands for single lens reflex. This means the taking lens is used as a viewfinder as opposed to having a duplicate lens as in a twin lens reflex or some other kind of auxiliary viewfinder.

The reflex part means there is a mirror in front of the film plane to bounce the viewed image up to a horizontal focusing screeen. That image is what you see in an SLR viewfinder. Of course 35mm SLRs typically have a pentaprism so you van view a right side up image at the back of the camera but cameras like Hassleblads and even some 35mm SLRs can use a waist level finder (you look down into it) with a reversed image.

When you take a shot the mirrror swings up, out of the way of the film plane, the shutter opens then the mirror returns. This blanks out the viewfinder briefly. There are exceptions to this like the Oly E-10 and E-20 which use a semi-silvered beam splitter mirror that doesn't have to move out of the way.

Ordinary digicams use an electronic viewfinder that displays an imagag captured by the CCD and in most cases have simple viewfinder not unlike a rangefinder camera. Some like the Monolta Dimage 7 have two different electronic viewfinders.
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