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Default Mystery With 5 Megapixel Resolution of only 72 Pixels/Inch


All of my images are shot at the highest settings on my Sony DCS F717 5 Megapixel camera, yet

at the very bottom left of the Photoshop Elements 2.0 screen where it shows Width, Height,

Channels and Resolution... it shows only 72 dpi... even though the JPEG file is over 2

megapixels! The prints look fantastic on my Canon I950 Printer so I know I'm somehow truly

getting great photo resolution...

but the confusion with this mysteriously low resolution number is driving me nuts.

Even shots I am sent from other people who have much lesser cameras or basic, small images I

download from the web show the magical 300 dpi I seek when I load them into Photoshop Elements.

What is MY dpi referring to at 72 dpi whereas other people's photos are at 300 dpi?

Thanks so much!

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The 72dpi figure is nothing more than a bit of meta-data in the file for a suggested output size. This figure was standardized on the original Macontish copmputer IIRC to reflect pixels per inch for document layout. The dpi number can be changed in editing programs but means bupkis as far as image quality goes so someone's "300dpi" image isn't better becaus of it.

Many progams will use this figure for print scaling if you choose to use it. If I take a 5mp image and try to print at 100% I'll get a tiny crop of a 26.66x35.5 image. If I use the resize funtion in Paintshop to change the image to 240dpi without actually changing the size of the bitmap I'll get something that will print 8x10.66 at 100%.
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