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Default 100 x zoom rumor

The Canon SX60 HS is coming out the end of may with a 100 x zoom
(20-2000 mm). If the rumor is true of course.


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If true, fine ! Should see the IQ and IS and if pany goes even wider and longer to keep their flag flying higher
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Sorry fellas ...

I'm gunna ask "who cares?"

The IQ issues with xtra-long zooms are well known, the issues with atmospheric heat haze are killers and the camera shake at those long lens points will be a killer too

Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
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There is indeed a practical limit for superzooms- and I think many current models "over-cook" it- never mind a 100x zoom...!!
As Ozzie says, heat haze, atmospherics etc all yield less than stellar IQ when zooming in over huge distances. The imperfections are there all of the time- without the camera- it's just too far away to see it with the naked eye..!!
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Default 100X = 40x

You're right guys, that said, this 2000 mm is only about 40x magnification from
normal human view. (2000/50 mm).
The big zoom nummers are only used for commercial purpose.
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It used to be the Megapixel War.

Now, it's the Zoom War ... or maybe the X War.

Once the 35mm equivalent focal length gets up to about 500mm, it becomes less and less useful. Unless you'll be using your bridge camera as a spotting scope, anything you need a 2000mm focal length for is too small and/or too far away for you to see with the naked eye, so you won't know to point your camera at it.

And that doesn't even bring into consideration the problem of "lumpy air" that Phil ("Ozzie") mentioned.
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.....and I read a rumor last month that 1TB memory cards are on the way for digital cameras. If that was not mind boggling enough the same post said they would be USH II standard meaning they could handle 4K video and write at speed greater than 95mb/s.

As far as long zooms they are great for fire and police photography when you can't get close to the subject-scene but 100x like is pointed out here is going to have its issues. I think 30x to 40x is the real useable limit.
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