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greenbaron Jul 13, 2018 1:09 PM

125x zoom nikon p1000 announced
So, the nikon p1000 was announced. I must say I was somewhat taken by a few bad aspects of the p900 though it allowed me to take a few unique shots. Now this. Raw photo, 4k video, mic port and a record 24-3000mm equivalent zoom. Boy do I hope they improved the video controls on that thing as well. Earlier I mentioned in a thread how I would go with the follow up of the Canon sx60hs if they added 4k video but I just might change my mind now..
Also it would seem this is about the finish of the optical zoom race. I'm glad it has come this far. It's amazing how one can walk up to a store, aquire a point 'n shoot and with free calculators on the web set out and photograph the international space station as it transits in front of the sun or moon (of course the sun requires a solar filter). Or shoot Jupiter and it's moons. Or the Venus crescent, just to name a few options. Having that capabilities fitting in a small bag is nothing short of spectacular and now one can start stacking raw files. Would the extra 1000mm equivalent allow enough detail to visualize the rings of Saturn?

But how many will continuesly use that reach beyond a few shots of the moon, animals in the zoo or (bio)mechanical birds in the sky? We're seeing 1 inch sensor superzooms now with fast lenses that have tempted many to leave their dslrs at home. Might it as well be time to introduce dedicated fixed lens super tele camera's with faster glass and say, 500 or 1000-3000mm equivalent reach and some pentax astro tracer tech inside? To feed a niche that has to resort to cameras starting far to wide for their needs or have to carry big telescopes around? I'd love to see some of that :)

maksud Aug 15, 2018 12:33 AM

Using pentax k1 when it will come in pentax.
I am using pentax k1 when it will come in pentax k1.

Ozzie_Traveller Aug 15, 2018 4:51 PM


The Qs that you are posing are ones that many others have pondered over as well - and 'yes' with the huge advances in computing design capabilities for optics and repairing focus shifts during zooming, it does permit camera makers to come up with some 'magic' designs that will appeal to a specific audience

Whether anyone will put together a 100x power superzoom with a lens from say, 75mm to 7500mm is quite arguable - while the design may be possible, the manufacture is something quite different :)

Overall tho - I like your train of thought!

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