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grandpawrichard Jan 17, 2013 10:37 AM

Dell Camera purchase gone bad
Get a load of the problems this guy had when he ordered a camera from Dell:


tsquare Jan 18, 2013 10:22 AM

I think this might have occured once, but not twice. Actually, I had no idea Dell had anything to do with DSLRs.

Calicajun Jan 20, 2013 9:06 PM

Have been following this guys story on another site. Last I read was he cancelled the order with Dell. There is a reason I only buy from one of two online stores.

VTphotog Jan 21, 2013 9:33 AM

This sounds very like a typical scam which is tried out (often successfully) quite frequently on retailers. Order expensive item - claim it didn't arrive (difficult with tracking #s on most shipping now) or the wrong item was sent, or some other variation. Re-sell original item - make claim for reimbursement/replacement.
Other variations involve claiming rebates, then returning item for refund. Probably lots of other cons I would never think of.
I am not accusing the originator of this of perpetrating a scam, just speculating a bit, and thinking that if he is on the level, it might be pretty difficult to prove.


JPW2020 Jan 21, 2013 12:27 PM

:confused: Hmmm-I think if I was on the receiving end of this "transaction" and assuming it was all on the level I would be reporting this to the police .

All seems very odd,particularly that a Dell representative would be so unconcerned about delivering two lots of flooring so as to say he couldn't promise they might not deliver wood again !

This guy paid using some sort of Dell credit line.Here in the UK always best to pay by credit card for transactions over 100 .If you are scammed or the supplier goes bust (e.g. Jessops) you can sue the credit card company to get your money back,If I was buying a Canon 5d Mk iii no other way I would pay.

Krichton Jan 23, 2013 3:51 AM

If you're making a big purchase, be sure to document the whole thing on video as you do the unboxing.

Calicajun Jan 23, 2013 8:19 AM

He finally received his Canon 5DIII and is very happy, at least with the camera.:D

sdromel Feb 4, 2013 10:13 AM

Dell knows what the sent box was supposed to weigh (as they had to pay for the transit) and that can be compared against the weight of the return package. In general, the box as shown in the PIXes would seem to have to weigh lots more than what it was supposed to as the weight of that much flooring material normally is substantial.

For example, can you imagine running around (say on a vacation or at a wedding) taking photos with a camera that weighed as much as the flooring shown in the photo? Not hardly. So Id call it a fraud.

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