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Default Some Observations on the V1

First post in the new forum, yay!

On a more serious note the camera came on Friday so I had a chance to take it for a spin over the weekend. I really like the size though the lack of buttons annoys me. I'm used to being able to change things easily w/o needing to go to a menu. It should at least have a programmable F button. Minor quibble considering it costs less than some P&S. While it's listed as a 2.7x crop for me it's really a 1.8x since I shoot ASP-C so the 10-30 is the same as the 18-55 kit lens that came with my KX. So I did a quick test and I will say the Nikon seems like the better lens, at least wide open. Stopped down to f8 the Pentax may be as good but I didn't really have time or the desire to test it since it is a lens I almost never use.

As for image quality it is superb though a bit noisier as expected at ISO800. Still, nothing that can't be controlled. The default settings seemed a bit too saturated and too contrasty for my tastes but easily changed. Will take some more tweaking I think. White balance seems bit iffy, my test shots compared to the Pentax showed too much green and going thru shots last night I noticed that many had a bit of a blueish cast. Nothing that can't be easily changed though in PP, especially as I shoot RAW.

Took it out with me Sunday to a couple of State parks and a lagoon. Made for an excellent combo with my Pentax and a 80-200/2.8 with 1.7TC for the birds and the V1 for the other stuff. I was impressed with it's close up abilities for a kit lens. Makes it very useful.

Monday morning my adapter for PK lenses finally arrived and with a day off and sun I was able to put it to good use. Perhaps not all adapters are rated equally however as I am limited to M mode in still shots. Everything else will give me a 'no lens attached' message but I have seen videos shot with adapted lenses on YouTube. I don't shoot video so it's no big deal but I had hoped to be able to use A mode so i didn't have to keep adjusting the shutter speed. Will have to look into another one perhaps. Anyway, I took about 400 shots and probably nailed the focus on a handful but almost all of them are good enough to look very sharp at smaller sizes. Not surprisingly the best came from my Tamron 400/4 on a tripod. But even with a lesser quality adaptall 35-210 i was able to get some excellent shots and the size makes for a great combo. For shooting around the house and from my blind I'm not sure i wouldn't just use the Pentax and the 400 +1.7 AFA combo because the extra bulk doesn't matter and the AF i get with it is nice. But I was really impressed with some of the shots i got with the V1/400 combo and so I may change my mind in the future.

One last note, the massively fast burst mode is a blessing and a curse! Can be great when shooting birds, catching subtle movements that can really change a shot. But if you miss focus a bit you're left with 10 crap shots instead of 1 or 2. I will experiment with using the burst mode and the focus ring and see if that combo can be used to achieve critical focus. Figure if the subject is static enough at least one shot out of the group should be spot on. It's not as hard as I though it'd be to MF with the V1 but it isn't that easy to get it spot on. Focus peaking would be useful.

I will post sample pics now that we have a forum for them when I have time.

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I had a VI some time ago- and thought it was a little cracker..!
Yes,the lack of external controls was a pain (cue the V2...), but overall a great little camera.
IQ was good- and even at elevated iso settings the noise was fine grained luminance noise and certainly more than acceptable at iso 1600.
The image stabiliser on the kit lens was exceptional- effectively enabling you to reduce iso settings a touch in low light situations- I found sharp hand held shots at 1/8th of a sec easily managable...
As for the burst mode, I found this was also great- and using continuous AF with the 5fps mode enabled a very high "hit" rate and long bursts if required.

When funds allow, I WILL get a V2...
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This is so cool... Our own V1 thread!
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