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Most cameras only allow index finger ,but S-4 body twists , allow

thumb,index finger , little finger to shoot . This select , allows steadier shot .

S-4 would take more volume if lens was not in a "wingtank" !

It is the smallest footprint possible with the most features .

Dont buy a Z-6 , only for the slightly faster lens ( 2.8 vs 3.5 ) .

It does not make a difference .

All Digi-cams still lack fast set to manual focus.

You missed the shot for the autofocus ! You could have easily switched

to manual , but where is it !!!! My Z-6 is such !

So Nikon , as all , will force you to use AUTO , and it works

fine in normal light .

I love the S-4 , i wish the user could force makers to

let us program the camera . Like MyNikon button , under

which i could temp' copy all the functions into MyNikon

menus . I would have TEXT instead of COPY !

Image trying to shoot a page from a book !

There is no BOOK , no TEXT , nothing to help you

set that mode !

It blurred a shot , you figure why , program MyNikon menu

to set manual focus and Icon shows a Near sighted Mr Magoo.

The booklet is missing stuff . Like the LCD icons .

What is the Double Macro icon on top ofsingle macro icon ?

Trued turning it off .....No key worked !! Then tried icons

in Menu ... Why do i see 2 macro icons on LCD ?

Explanation s/b on page 4 ( its missing )

S-4 has a close range I.R. led to "assist" focus , select

it in MENU , else normal focus is using avail' light .

Noalkalines batteries are made that will put out the

amps a Digi-Cam takes!

S-4 uses 2 AA's , and it can adjust the battery indicator ! It will adjust NimH , Alkaline and Li-Ion . Great !

D-cams still lack editing , but Nikon copies

the orig and increases contrast . "D-Lite".

I need Gama and saturation . Every shot i take needs

to up the color saturation.

Its the smallest hi powered camera on earth !

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I recently got an S4 myself. Very under-rated little camera, imo. I got it as my tele-lens compliment to my wide-angle D50 system.

I'm not too much of a tele-shooter, but thought this would be nice to have when i need some "reach."

I like the compact "twister" body, overall quality, 2.5 lcd & 10x zoom. I also have a CP 950 with tele & wide converters.


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