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Tried taping the lid but there was to much pressure that would pop the tape loose after a while. After finding out that the batteries could be recharged (NiMh) while in the camera using the AC adapter, I did this:

Removed the two little metal contacts in the lid. Soldered leads across the top and bottom (pos to neg) of each of the two battery sets. Cut astrip of thin pliable foam. Placed the foam on top of the batteries, closed and taped the lid. Tape don't pop off now. Also, this way I don't have to worry about the backup battery. When the 4 batteries get low, I'll just plug in the adapter. If this works out, I may just super glue the lid shut.

This is a 950 that I just bought on Ebay. I have another 950 with a good compartment lid.

By the way, I've been charging 2 sets of NimH batteries for 2 years using a plain ol' 6V power supply. I took one of those old Princess telephone transformers and made a circuit board with a 4 pin rectifier, a 6V regulator, and a 15 ohm resistor to taper the current. Glued a 4 btry holder to the top of the transformer. I have seen no degradation of the batteries.
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Sorry for the misinformation. When I took my 990's apart, I was told that the "buzzer" was, in fact, the back up battery.

My apologies and Happy Holidays!!
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