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I have a D70, 6 mega pixel, the file size of the photos fall between 2.1 and 2.5 megs, I would have thought they would have been larger. When I go to print off my Cannon i9900 through PhotoShop, it only give a print size of 6.5 x 10 (inches), I would have thought I would be able to make nice A3 prints, not just 6 x 10's? Am I doing something wrong? I have the camera set to Fine and Large?
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2.5 Mb isn't a bad compression for a 6Mp file. The very highest compression would be around 4Mp. Of course you can extract the highest quality from a raw file if you are so inclined.

Once your image is decompressed in Photoshop there is only one size to be considered for the image and that is 3008 X 2000 pixels. Different manufacturers have the camera default to different resolutions, but they are meaningless until you select a print size. After you select a print size the pixels are spread out over that print area and the resolution has meaning.

If you print any standard size other than 4 X 6 inches your image is in the wrong proportion. It has to be cropped to the right shape. You can do it all with the crop tool in Photoshop. Select the crop tool and put 420 in the width box. Right click on it and select mm. Put 297 in the height box and select mm. Put NOTHING in the resolution box.

Now when you crop the image it will be constrained to the proper proportions. And anything you don't crop off will be spread out over the A3 and the resolution shown in Image > Image Size will have some meaning. Of course you can reverse the width and height numbers.

People have varying standards for how low they let the resolution go before they resample. There are other factors like sharpening that are a lot more important to the print IMO.

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