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digcamfan wrote:
The complaints about slow write times in most cases do not ID:

1. Type of image being saved (RAW, high res JPG, etc).

2. Media in camera.
The onlytest I trust that I've seen of this model showed a cycle time of 4.3 seconds between Fine/JPEG Files for the first 4 photos, using a Lexar 40X CF Card (slowing to around 11.5 seconds between subsequent photos unless you letthe buffer clear). The test was with a pre-production camera (so a production model may test faster).

We'll need to wait on the reviews of production cameras to better gauge it's performance, and to see if a faster (or different) card helps (i.e., Lexar 80x, Sandisk Ultra II, etc.).

It may turn out that camera settings plays a role in cycle times, too (sometimes models display the last image taken for longer, unless you change a setting somewhere telling them not to). I've got a little Konica KD-510z pocket camera that behaves this way. Unless you turn off "Quick View" under it's setup menu, it takes longer between photos to cycle (because it's displaying the last photo takenfor finite period of time before it will take another one).

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